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We Welcome You 2022!

  Yes, new year, we’re very happy to see you. Your predecessor was much like a two-year old, throwing tantrums one after the other. But you! We have great hope that you will bring the calming presence we need to recover, and inspire the collaboration we need to move forward. We can see the opportunities […]

Happy Holidays PLEASE!

  Well, 2021 sure had its surprises and it may be hard to summon a celebratory mood when so many are facing hardships. While we do need to acknowledge adversity, mental health professionals encourage us to try to find something good, something we can be grateful for, or something we can do to help others, […]

Does Your Site Need a New Year Makeover?

  We’ve talked recently about the importance of updating your website and there’s no better time than the start of a new year. While your business may not have changed, the world around you has, so it’s a good idea to review your site in that context. Here are some trending options to give your […]

If you want to drive market share, put it in neutral

  Time flies whether you’re having fun or not, and looking back at these past few years, it seems like we moved ahead at rocket speed. In the midst of a pandemic – one oddly enough that slowed days but shot through months – a number of concerns that had been bubbling along, came to […]

4 Things You Should Do that are Backed by Statistics

  As one of the most experienced internet marketing companies around, we often make suggestions based on our industry knowledge and evolving trends. That may sometimes seem self-serving, so we though we’d share a few stats that back up our advice on these four topics. Encourage and monitor online reviews. Half of consumers search online […]

The top issue for Canadians

  Nanos Research recently reported that more Canadians listed the environment as their top concern than any other issue. Why should businesses care? Because a large chunk of consumers is making buying decisions based on a company’s environmental practices. According to another recent study, this one by Deloitte, found that 42% of millennials choose to […]

Three types of website optimization

Optimization has become one of those buzz words that is used so frequently that we start to wonder if it actually means what we think it means. In general, to optimize something means to make it as effective as possible. That’s true when we’re talking about websites, but to really understand how to make a […]

Just Don’t

  A BC brewery owner was in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. It serves as a lesson of what not to do in the highly-charged environment that we live in these days. We all get frustrated. We all yearn for pre-pandemic normalcy. We can all find things we don’t like about new […]

It’s time!

  Summer isn’t officially over yet, but there’s a coolness in the air to remind us that fall will soon be here. We know you don’t want to think about it yet, but it is time to get to work on your fall and winter marketing plans. Take a deep breath and give us a […]

Can you offer more ways to pay?

  If PayPal is the only way that customers can pay at your online store, you need to consider opening other types of merchant accounts. In November, PayPal is going to start charging their Canadian users a $20 fee for “inactivity.” If the rules for Canadians are the same as elsewhere that the fee has […]

Do you have a “what if” plan?

  It’s summertime in beautiful BC and we should be talking about fun in the sun. With fires raging, high temperatures, drought, and a resurgence of COVID, we’ve instead got contingency planning on our minds. Every business should have a plan to guide them through an emergency, and the current state of affairs is a […]

Back to normal isn’t the goal anymore

  Every once in a while, a disruption occurs in some sector. Someone actually builds a better mousetrap or creates a new market by convincing them that their teeth should be as white as a tissue. Affected businesses pivot, change their designs and marketing plans, and relative stability prevails once again. Then came a global […]

Let your website do the work – while you’re on vacation

  If you haven’t planned your summer holiday yet, it’s time. Everyone needs to get away from work once in a while to rest and re-energize. You may think of vacations as folly, but there are definite benefits. Your physical and mental health will improve. So will your family relationships. Plus, you’ll be more creative […]

The advantages of hiring and retaining older staff

  Canada’s economy is recovering quite well and expected to continue to improve over the next few years. As things begin to normalize, it might be time to think about some of the business challenges that existed before the pandemic that haven’t gone away. One of those is the aging population and the strain that […]

Our Post-Pandemic Predictions

  Recent statistics show that 75% of BC residents, 60% of all Canadians and 44% of United States citizens have had at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine. Restrictions are easing and many of us are very much looking forward to long-awaited visits with family and friends. While the pandemic situation is abating, pretty […]

5 reasons to advertise when business is soaring

  Bob and Henry are sitting next to each other on an airplane. They start to chat and Bob finds out that Henry is the head of marketing for Juicy Fruit gum. Bob asks why Henry does so much advertising. He sees the ads everywhere. Surely, the gum is so well known now that advertising […]

5 ways to quickly boost sales

  There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Now, you just want to get through the tunnel as fast as you can. Yes folks, things are looking up. In BC, it’s expected that by early July, everyone over 12 years of age who wants one, will have received at least one shot of […]

The Tulip Test

  The signs of spring are all around us now with blooms popping up and the sun lingering on after dinner. That means it’s time to give your website the Tulip Test to make sure you’re ready to take full advantage of the summer spending cycle. Tulip is an acronym for trust, user experience, load […]

Are you doing enough direct marketing?

  Targeted online advertising has been so effective for so long that it’s no wonder that other forms of marketing have fallen by the wayside. But, like many things in life, 2020 changed the landscape for advertising. Privacy concerns have risen so high that even Google is backing off tracking your every online move. That […]

Have you watered your website lately?

  It’s officially spring and that means gardeners are getting excited. Several of our team members are among them, and that got us thinking about this analogy. Building your website is like planting a seed on the internet. It’s just the first step, and there are many more steps to take before you can enjoy […]

Planning Part 5 – Scenarios

  In the past, creating a feasible action plan based on our business knowledge and the information available to us might only need a few minor adjustments along the way to remain relevant and viable. What we learned in 2020 was that sometimes things change radically and very quickly. Scenario planning is a way to […]

Planning Part 4 – Timing, Strategies, and Tactics

  We’ve been working our way through a planning process, and you can get caught up here. You’ve taken your objectives and put them into a logical order based on your long-term goal. Now it’s time to create a more detailed plan for the next few years. Consider what you can accomplish in the next […]

Planning Part 3 – Consider Your Customers

  You’ve set your goal and objectives and looked at the world around you. Now we need to zoom in on your customers. Who are they? What is influencing their lives? And, more importantly, their buying decisions? How has the pandemic affected them? How has it changed their thinking? Are they older adults, moving into […]

Planning Part 2 – Environmental Scanning

  In the last article, we talked about setting an end goal and the objectives needed to realize that goal. Before we start creating a plan to achieve those objectives, we need to take a look at the environment in which we do business, and how that could change over the next few years. While […]

Planning Part 1 – Setting Goals and Objectives

  Our first series of the year is about planning. After the year that was 2020, that may seem pointless, but it really isn’t. Plans can always be adjusted but if you don’t have any plans, well – you’re just free-floating in a world controlled by others. So, let’s start with setting goals. People often […]

A Christmas Wish

  We started this year in celebration and we’re ending it in gratitude. The year 2020 was our 25th anniversary. Back in 1995 when he founded International Internet Advertising Services Inc., Mike had a vision. The years that followed brought twists and turns he could never have imagined, but the vision held strong. Twenty-five years […]

What a data breach could soon cost you

  Let’s skip to the bottom line, because it’s a shocker: the higher of $25 M or 5% of gross revenue. Yes, folks that is the potential fine for any of several offenses under a new bill currently making its way through the Canadian legislative process. (In second reading at the time of writing.) Minister […]

Are you paying too much for advertising?

  Advertising has never been more important. Even if your business is top of mind, potential customers may wonder if your services or hours have changed, or if you are even still in business. Those who in the past would have just driven to your office or storefront, are more likely to look online for […]

5 signs your website needs attention

  Updating your website on a regular basis is essential if you want it to continue to do its job. Just like your employees need ongoing training to keep up with new tech and trends, your website needs to keep up with what is going on around it too. Here are five signs that are […]

Yup, we’re talking about Christmas

  I know, I know. Summer is barely over and I’m jumping past Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Remembrance Day. But here’s the thing: if you are in one of the many businesses that rely on Christmas shopping to boost annual revenue, it is definitely time to start planning. Things are weird right now, so this Christmas […]