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Web Optimization – Part 4: Content

So far, in this series on Web Optimization, we’ve talked about the Home Page, Design and Navigation, and Features and Functionality. Today is all about content. Create your content outline to answer questions. The information you provide on your site should be tailored to answer your target market’s questions about your products or services. Too […]

Web Optimization – Part 3: Features and Functionality

In this web optimization series, we’re looking at methods to increase conversions – the number of site visitors who respond to your call to action to make a purchase, get a quote, or contact you. When we talk about features and functionality, we’re talking about the options provided for visitors to interact with the site. […]

Web Optimization – Part 2: Design and Navigation

Web optimization is a process used to maximize the number of visitors who make a purchase online or begin the transaction process by contacting you. In this series, we’re looking at some of the factors involved in optimizing your website. “Design” includes colours, fonts, shapes, and layout. “Navigation” includes the actual structure of pages and […]

Web Optimization – Part 1: The Home Page

Web optimization is a process used to maximize the number of visitor “conversions.” On an ecommerce website, a conversion is a sale, but conversions include any visitor action promoted on the site, such as filling out a Request for Quote form, sending an email or making a phone call to the company. We have a […]

What you need to know about SEO – Part 8: Wrap Up

We’re wrapping up this article series with a few frequently asked questions about Search Engine Optimization, and moving on to another topic. What would you like to learn more about? Send us your questions and suggestions on anything to do with Internet Advertising! Now, FAQs. Do I need a blog for SEO? No, but a […]

What you need to know about SEO – Part 7: Even more about quality

Another way to think about quality content is creating a site to meet your customers’ needs. While you can’t anticipate what an individual customer might be looking for, you can make it easier to find any specific thing on your site, with these considerations. Simple Navigation: Creating an appropriate navigation system is like sorting laundry. […]

What you need to know about SEO – Part 5: More about ranking

If you’ve done any research on search engine optimization, you’ve no doubt seen the word “algorithm” as part of an explanation about how search engines prioritize or rank results. So what is an algorithm? It can take many forms, but an algorithm is basically a formula or step by step process. For example, a mathematical […]

What you need to know about SEO – Part 3: More about crawling spiders

First, a little lingo lesson. A “bot” is a computer program that, once put into action, runs automatically. The internet is often referred to as “the web” because it functions much like a spider’s web, with many different ways to connect between two specific points. Google uses a bot (aptly named “Googlebot”) to crawl the […]

What you need to know about SEO – Part 1: What is it?

Welcome to our new article series. Don’t worry, this one is information only – no homework! Well, that is true if you actually did do your homework last time and wrote your marketing plan. Why? Because a great SEO program needs a lot of the information you complied in your plan. That said, in this […]

Marketing Series Part 9 – The Components of Your Marketing Plan

Welcome to the final edition of our Marketing series. Over these past months, we’ve dedicated each newsletter to one component of a Marketing Plan, and how you can do the research and strategizing needed to develop a plan for your company. In this last installment, we’ll summarize some highlights and provide links to the related […]

Marketing Series Part 8 – Advertising

Generally speaking, advertising is any form of promotion where you pay to display content at a particular venue. In this article, we’ll discuss the different kinds of advertising and the best methods to use for different types of companies, products, services and audiences. Effective advertising has three objectives: Getting the ad in front of your […]

Marketing Series Part 7 – Marketing Strategy

Over the past months, we’ve looked at six different marketing topics that will become components of your Marketing Plan. This month, we’re going to talk about the steps in devising your marketing strategy.As you’ve no doubt gathered by now in this series, the differences between different areas of marketing can be rather subtle. So, perhaps […]

Marketing Series Part 6 – Public Relations

In the digital world, public relations has become more important than ever before. Why? Because even if your customers are happy, upsetting the “Internet” or the “Twitterverse” can have devastating repercussions. Making your brand and good reputation known well beyond your customer group can help protect you from the trolls, as well as increasing awareness […]

Marketing Series Part 5 – Customer Relations

The term “Customer Relations” pretty much says what it means – it’s how you interact with your customers and the quality of the relationship that forms as a result. The secret here is viewing your customers as friends. That means listening as well as talking, being fair, staying in touch, living up to your good […]

Marketing Series Part 4 – Reputation Management

While your brand is something that you create, your reputation is what others really think of you, and “others” are fickle creatures ready to pounce in cat-like fashion. Your company’s good reputation is essential to success and can be ripped from you in the most unexpected of ways. Remember the guy who kicked the dog […]

Marketing Series Part 1 – What “Marketing” Means

Welcome to the first edition of our Marketing series. Our intent is to share our knowledge of the timeless basics of marketing and business development, and how these translate into the current sales environment. Our hope is to give you greater insight into the consumer perspective and show you how to use this information to […]

5 Ways to Make YouTube Work for Your Business

Video is a powerful marketing tool for any business. Sometimes words and images just aren’t enough. It’s never been easier and cheaper to produce and promote video. A lot of small companies are using video to showcase their products and services. But some videos seem to get more traction than others. Here are a few […]

5 Ways to Defeat Digital Junk Mail

Annoying, time sucking, distracting – we all hate junk mail; and it’s especially infuriating when it’s email. Yes, there’s always a yin and a yang, but here are five ways to stave off chaos in your inbox. Just Say No The truly devious hackers and spammers don’t follow the rules, but chances are that most […]

Three Tips to Make Sure You’re Ready for Tourist Season

I had yet another experience last week where the services provided did not live up to the advertising. This time, not only was I disappointed, but the venue rooked itself out of many planned return visits and the revenue that would have gone with those. The visit itself would have been a positive one except […]

5 Reasons to Hire Youngins to Mentor Your Staff

The practice of hiring younger personnel for older workmates to learn from is referred to as “reverse mentoring.” While that notion may not sound like a great idea to everyone, reverse mentoring can have incredibly positive results. Even if your target market doesn’t include those under 25, young adult mentors are worth considering. Here’s why… […]

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Vacationing in Stealth Mode

When you own your own business, taking time off can be tricky. You want to be the “go to” person for your clients; the one who is always there for them, at the ready to solve whatever problem they may have. You don’t want to miss calls from potential new customers; and announcing that you’re […]

Beware the March Hare: 3 Steps to Great Marketing

A timely comparison, the March Hare of Alice in Wonderland fame is described as “silly, ill-mannered, and loud;” all of the characteristics you want to avoid in your marketing. While the March Hare demands attention, gimmicks don’t give you the return on investment you can get with a less obtrusive, more logical approach. Here are […]

It is 2016. Who loves ya, baby?

Who loves ya, baby? If you remember the Kojak television series and the detective’s now famous phrase, you’re old enough to also remember a much simpler time in the world of business. As long as your regular customers loved you and your products or services, that’s all that mattered. Well, we’re coming up on Valentine’s […]

2016 Web Design Trends

Happy New Year! Time to get back to work, set new goals, and refresh your marketing. We’ve read the pundits’ predictions for web design trends this year, and found two we’ve held dear for a while now, along with two that were a bit of a surprise. So here they are, as they say on […]

Learning from the mistakes of others as we wrap up 2015

If it ain’t broken… TED won the 2015 People’s Voice and Webby Award in the Best Home/Welcome Page category. In addition to a colourful display with lots of topical news options, they had a simple menu: Watch, Read, Attend, Participate, About. Makes perfect sense.   So why did they immediately change the menu item “Read” […]